École Internationale PACA Manosque

S1 Class


S1 Form Teacher Mme Veronica PINCHES

Subject Teacher Syllabus Planning
English (L1) Mme Corinne MARTIN English (L1) S1_L1 English
Mathematics Mme Anne-Cécile KLORA Mathematics S1_Mathematics
Integrated Sciences M. Florent SCASSO Integrated Sciences S1_Integrated Science
French (L2) Mme Laura SUPPI French (L2) S1 L2 FR
Language 3 German Mme Andrea SIMONIN Language 3 German S1_L3 German
Language 3 Spanish Mme Isabelle MARANDE Language 3 Spanish S1_LIII Spanish
Human Sciences (Geography and History) Mme Veronica PINCHES Human Sciences(Geography and History) Human Sciences
(S1_Human Sciences Geography and S1_Human Science History)
Ethics Mme Veronica PINCHES Ethics S1_Ethics
P.E. (EPS)


M. Stephane LITSCHGY

P.E. (EPS) S1 EPS Litschgy
Art M. Thibaut DAPOIGNY Art S1_Art
Music Mme Françoise LE GOFF Music S1_MUSIC
ICT M. Bernard LOCHER ICT Attainment descriptors
ICT syllabus


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