École Internationale PACA Manosque

Work Experience

S4 Class

At EIPACA, and in line with the equivalent class of troisième, S4 pupils complete a period of observation in a work environment. This usually takes place after the second semester exams at the end of June.
Students need to make their own arrangements for this week. They are encouraged not to leave it until the last minute, and are helped to make wise choices. They should try to choose an establishment that they have some interest in, and not just opt for something because it is convenient. For ideas they could talk to students in other classes who have already completed a work experience – they may receive some very good advice from their friends!
If for some reason students cannot complete their observation in that week, then they should make arrangements with the school (through their form tutor, or the work experience tutor allocated to them) to complete it at another time.

Other classes

We understand that undergoing a work experience placement is also valuable for applications to higher education establishments.  It is therefore possible for our students to organise a placement themselves outside of lesson times and the school will sign the tripartite convention.  Please note that this is only possible during times the school is officially open, and not generally during school holidays.  Please enquire before making arrangements.

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