École Internationale PACA Manosque


Since 2001, Eurosport has become an essential part of the activities of all the European Schools and is seen as an important step for the social and physical integration of the schools. Eurosport takes place every second year in one of the European Schools. Within the scope of the physical activities, the hosting school determines beforehand what kind of team sports competitions will be held. Choices include football, basketball, handball and volleyball. There are both girls and boys teams. In addition, there are badminton and table tennis mixed tournaments with three doubles teams competing against each other. At the end of the three-day-long sports competitions a duathlon tournament is held, consisting of a swimming and a running relay. In the first part, ten girls and boys swim either 50 or 100 metres – depending on the choice of the organising school – and then run 1000 metres in the same order as in the swimming relay.

EIPACA participated in Eurosport 2019 in Varese for the first time.

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