École Internationale PACA Manosque

Orientation Cycle

Secondary Years 6 and 7

These two years lead to the European Baccalaureate. Students must study at least ten subjects and are examined by means of written and oral examinations and by continuous assessment. There is a core of compulsory subjects which include Language 1, Language 2, Mathematics, History, Geography, Philosophy, Ethics and Sport. In addition, if no Science subject is taken as an elective subject, students must also take a course in Biology.

Students must take a minimum of two elective subjects of four lessons per week and may take as many as four. These subjects may include each of the separate sciences, Social Sciences, Art, and Languages 3 and 4. Mathematics can be taken as a 3-lesson or 5-lesson per week course. Additional advanced courses of three lessons per week may be taken in Mathematics, Language 1 and Language 2.

Students may also choose complementary courses of two lessons per week such as Practical Science, Chinese, Russian and Theatre.

As we are sharing resources with the International School, it is also possible for students in S6 and S7 to follow Japanese lessons with other students from Manosque. This subject does not count in the Baccalaureate but students are issued with a separate certificate at the end of S7 to show their acheivements in Japanese.

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