École Internationale PACA Manosque




Student Mobility Programme



The student mobility programme with European Schools will take place in 2024-2025 according to the guidelines.
There will be an information meeting for S3 and S4 parents and students on  friday 10th november, 2023 at 5pm in the Amphitheatre.


It is possible to request an exchange (Student mobility programme) with any other European School (subject to approval by both Directors) as follows:

The length of the exchange can be from 5 weeks to one semester:
S4: for justified reasons
S5: First semester of S5 (to include first semester exams at host school)


You must choose 3 schools to apply to, and we will send your request (after 12th January) to each of the 3 schools.

Students must provide a motivation letter and the school also sends a report
Subjects studied in Manosque must be continued at host school
Parents pay all travel costs and costs associated with exchange (lunches, transport, books, etc)
Host families are normally arranged via the parents associations. This is the most difficult part to organise.


Based on previous experiences, EIPACA will not accept that two students of the same class go to the same European School at the same time. In case of “conflict”, the board will arbitrate in all fairness and transparency with the families.


Each Host School nominates a Mentor (S4 and/or S5 Form Teacher) and a Contact Person.


As all of the mobility/exchange applications for the next school year need to be totally processed (i.e. Host schools and Host families found) by the end of April, the application deadline is 9th January.


For the exchange in S5 – it must be a school that offers exactly the same courses and options as the first semester will be spent there and the second semester here.  L1, L2, Maths must be the same.


The application form must be completed and returned as part of your application.  The applications will be discussed with the Director and pedagogical team before we will make a request to the host school.


Please note that we will not take any application after the 12th January deadline, nor incomplete applications.


When the exchange is confirmed, we will be asked you to fill in a Health Form for your child, a Crisis Contact List, and a Parent Guardian Consent Form, as well as the paperwork required by the Hosting school. Due to the different health protocols in the hosting countries and host families, you must agree to abide by the rules that are in force for the entirety of the exchange.





 ES Mobility Prg-02_Pupil_Application_Form-EIPACA Manosque FR_2024-25_to fill in (pdf version)