École Internationale PACA Manosque


Pupils in Years 1-3 do not sit formal examinations.

S4-S6 (9th-11th Grade)

After the first semester the pupils will have an A1 and a B1 mark and after the second semester a B1 and B2 mark as well as a final year mark (C mark).
A-mark: for class work, written or oral tasks;
B-mark: the exam mark (or 2 other B tests during the semester not included in the A mark)
The end-of-year mark (C mark) will be calculated on the basis of these four marks: A1+B1+A2+B2. It does not have to be the exact average of these marks but should reflect the level of the pupil at the end of the year.

S4 (9th Grade)

Pupils in S4 will sit written examinations in each subject two times each semester. These two tests can be taken in one lesson period each or one in one period and the other one in two periods.  To prepare the S4 students for the examination situation (in a large exam hall), they take exams with the S5 and S6 students at the end of each semester in L1, L2 and Mathematics. The B marks on the reports for other subjects will be determined by B tests (class tests) during the semester.

S5 (10th Grade)

At the end of each semester of S5 there are written examinations in L1, L2, L3, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History and Geography and the option subjects. The B marks on the reports for other subjects will be determined by B tests during the semester.

S6 (11th Grade)

There is one set of exams in January and a second set at the end of June. The pupils are examined in L1, L2, Mathematics and all 4-period options. The B marks on the reports for other subjects will be determined by B tests during the semester.

S7 (12th Grade)

Part examinations take place in January. All subjects in which a written examination is taken in the Bac are examined, i.e. L1, L1HL, L2, L2HL, Maths, all 4- period options.

The Baccalaureate written exams take place in early June, and the oral exams take place at the beginning of July.

Written Exams

Candidates take five written exams:
Language 1 English /Advanced Language 1 English
Language 2 French / Advanced Language 2 French
Mathematics (3 or 5 periods)
4-period option
4-period option

Oral exams

Candidates take three oral exams:
1. L1 English/ L1 English Advanced
2. Choice of
a. L2 French or Advanced L2 French
b. History (2 or 4 periods)
c. Geography (2 or 4 periods)
3. Choice of
a. Advanced mathematics (compulsory for students following course)
b. Philosophy (2 periods)
c. Language 3
d. Language 4
e. Biology (2 or 4 periods)
f. Chemistry (4 periods)
g. Physics (4 periods)

With the exception of Language 1 and Language 2, no subject can be chosen for both a written and oral exam.


The preliminary mark will count for 50% of the final mark, made up as follows: class marks 20%, part exam marks 30%. The final written exams will account for 35% and the orals for 15% of the final mark.

Other Qualifications -External Exams 

The students in the fourth year of the European School do not take the “Diplôme National du Brevet” exams and there are no other official external exams before the European Baccalaureate.

Students may choose to take International GCSEs at the end of the fifth year in one or more subjects and a number of our students choose to take SATs or PSATs.  Additionally there are language qualifications offered at EIPACA, such as DELF and KMK.