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La section britannique de l’EIPACA prépare les élèves à l’option internationale du brevet et du baccalauréat. Cliquez sur le  pour découvrir les matières enseignées en langue de section, puis choisissez une disciplines et cliquez dessus pour en connaître les contenus.

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British OIB – General presentation

What is the British OIB?

A long-standing partnership between the French Ministry of Education and Cambridge International Education.

The British version of the OIB is an integrated Franco-British school-leaving certificate based on the French Baccalaureate. It combines the breadth and rigour of the Baccalaureate with extra subjects taught and examined in English to A-Level standard, in a single certificate.

These extra subjects – English Language & Literature and History–Geography – are added to the full syllabus of the French Baccalaureate. They are examined in English at first-language level and certified by Cambridge as equivalent to A Level in standard.

 A bilingual education

  • The British OIB makes academic and linguistic demands to an equal level in English and French.
  • It requires students to use both English and French in an academic context at first-language level
  • Through this dual programme, OIB students develop a capacity for hard work and an intellectual and cultural flexibility that give them the potential to become excellent undergraduates in Britain, France and elsewhere.

Our specificity at EIPACA

  • In a British OIB, History–Geography is taught in both English (50%) and French (50%). At EIPACA, History–Geography is taught entirely in English
  • Mathematics is also taught in English from middle school to the class of Seconde included. Subsequently, if the students choose to take Mathematics as one of their Spécialités, 5 and then 7 additional periods of Mathematics in English are added to their schedule.

Recognition of our diploma

  • The British OIB prepares students equally for university study in Britain or France, through exposure to the pedagogy and methodology typical of both A level and the French Baccalaureate
  • The standards of the French Baccalaureate are well established, and permit successful students to pursue the full range of subjects for undergraduate study in the most selective British universities.
  • It provides students with a university entrance qualification valid in Britain.
  • In 2019, more than 1,400 candidates took the British OIB (1,000 candidates in France and 400 worldwide). Each year new British Sections open. This growing number of candidates reinforces the recognition of the British OIB around the world.

Comment aider votre enfant si vous n’êtes pas natifs ?

  • Les encourager à pratiquer l’anglais le plus possible
  • Les encourager à lire en anglais pour leur plaisir au-delà des livres étudiés en classe
  • Regarder des films et des séries en VO seul(e) ou en famille
  • Fréquenter des jeunes de son âge anglophones
  • Faire une activité culturelle ou sportive en anglais
  • Faire des stages d’immersion ou poursuivre des échanges avec des familles anglophones

 L’école ne suffit pas pour devenir bilingue. C’est un processus délibéré et actif qui nécessite un véritable engagement.

Section britannique au collège

Examination : Diplôme National du Brevet mention internationale

The brevet is a French state qualification taken by pupils at the end of troisième (Year 10) comprising written examinations in French, Mathematics, Sciences and History-Geography- EMC.  The History, Geography and Mathematics examinations are in English.

In order to qualify for the ‘mention internationale’, students must also take oral examinations in English Language and Literature and History-Geography.  These examinations take place in English and are organised by the schools internally.  Students must achieve over 10/20 in both the oral examinations to be awarded the ‘mention internationale’.

See Exams tab for more details


Les enseignements en langue de section britannique en sixième

Les enseignements en langue de section britannique en classe de cinquième

Les enseignements en langue de section britannique en classe de quatrième

Les enseignements en langue de section britannique en classe de troisième

Section britannique au lycée

Examination : Bac OIB

  • The written examinations assess knowledge, understanding, skills and response comparable to those of A Level examinations.
  • The Oral examinations assess the candidate’s ability to present, analyse and evaluate literary texts or historical–geographical content, and to defend a point of view in front of two examiners.
  • An unusual feature of the OIB is that all students, whatever their future undergraduate subject choices, are examined to A-Level standard in English Language & Literature and History–Geography.

Official texts

Les enseignements en langue de section britannique en seconde

Les enseignements en langue de section britannique en classe de première

Les enseignements en langue de section britannique en classe de terminale

Lycée : Extra activities at school

Theatre workshops


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