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The Netherlands Application Procedure


  1. For information about the different types of Dutch universities, see this page. 
  2. To search for the different courses in research universities, use this search engine on the Study in Holland website.
  3. Numerus Fixus is a restriction of the number of places on offer on popular degree programmes. This is necessary where there is a huge demand for places and relatively low entry requirements. The deadline for applying to these is 15th January.
  4. For most universities in The Netherlands, you will need to pre-register with Studielink.  You can apply for up to four courses at a time, of which only two can be subject to Numerus Fixus. (You can only apply to one medicine course.) However, you can change the courses you wish to apply for at any time before the enrolment deadline. 
  5. Once you have registered with Studielink, and entered your choices, the universities will contact you to ask for any required documents.  These will include a transcript, prepared by the school, and sometimes, for the more competitive courses, a CV and a motivation letter.

Please remember to be realistic with your choices of universities and courses.  The top ranked ones are very difficult to get places in and are not necessarily the right match for you.  You should always consider having a back up option – a choice with a slightly lower entry requirement.


When you have made your choices, you will need to fill in the online application form and pre-register with Studielink: