École Internationale PACA Manosque


The European Schools are official educational establishments controlled jointly by the governments of the Member States of the European Union. In all these countries they are legally regarded as public institutions.
The mission of the European Schools is to provide a multilingual and multicultural education for nursery, primary and secondary level pupils.
The European School system consists of two years of early education (nursery cycle), five years of primary and seven years of secondary education. In Manosque, however, there is only one language section, English in the secondary school by special derogation from the Board of Governors of the European Schools.

Director of Studies:  Mme Juliet PALMER
Learning Support Coordinator: Mme Veronica PINCHES
S1-S3 Cycle Coordinator: Mme Andrea SIMONIN
S4-S5 Cycle Coordinator: Mme Rebeca MORONES
S6-S7 Cycle Coordinator: Mme Tamara BONHOMME

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Observation Cycle


Pre-Orientation Cycle


Orientation Cycle