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UK University Admissions Tests

Some UK universities and courses require applicants to take additional admissions tests.  These are run by the Cambridge Admissions Testing Service and administered at EIPACA.

Depending on your chosen institution and course, you may need to take an admissions test as part of your application (some joint degree courses require you to take two tests). As well as being an entry requirement, an admissions test gives you the chance to show your potential to succeed on your course.

Information about which admissions test(s) you need to take are found on UCAS and on the webpages of the university you are interested in.
Registration for these tests takes place in September each year with the following tests and deadlines:
Cambridge Admissions Tests Deadlines

Important documents once you have received confirmation of your entry:

Test Lengths
Use of calculator for PAT
Notice to Candidates
Authorised Materials

If you would like to register for any of the tests, please contact us so that we can send you the registration form.