EIPACA stands out in the PANGEA mathematical competition

by | Jul 7, 2023 | News, News

Several EIPACA middle school classes have taken part in the PANGEA Mathematics competition, mainly at 5ème et 3ème level. This competition is open to all French secondary schools. The number of participants exceeds 10,000 for each class level, which gives a pretty good idea about the regional and national rankings achieved by our students.

The results obtained are more than promising and illustrate our students’ curiosity and desire to succeed.

Some of our students have particularly distinguished themselves by their remarkable results.

6ème class

1 student ranks among the top twenty in the region.

Timothé BELLIN finishes 20th in the regional ranking and the 389th in national. Well done Timothé !

5ème class

5 students rank among the top twenty in the region.

EIPACA stands out on the podium with the superb results of Kenzo KIMURA, who reaches the first place in the regional ranking and 38th in the national ranking, and Jules COUSTET, who finishes third in regional ranking and 75th in national . We should also point out the excellent result of Mara MATEI, who finishes 4th in the regional and 132nd  in the national .

Timothé LEVEQUE FLEITAS finishes 7th in the regional and 235th in the national.

Hiraku TANIGAWA finishes 12th in the regional and 325th in the national.

Kudos to them!

4ème class

2 students rank among the top twenty in the region.

Sacha JOSEPH finishes 11th in the regional ranking and 189th in the  national.

Chenhao XU finishes 13th in the regional ranking and 222nd in the national.

Congratulations on this great achievement!

3ème class

8 students rank among the top twenty in the region.

The best performance goes to Gaël HALFON who finishes 3rd in the regional  ranking and  26th in the national.

Congratulations for this superb access to the podium!

Julie AUGER achieves a very good success by finishing 4th in the regional and 29th in the national.

Tom KLORA finishes 7th in the regional and the 44th in the national.

Nagisa OGUMO finishes 8th in the regional and the 45th nin the national.

Margot BELLIN finishes 11th in the regionaland the 82nd in the national.

Haoyu WANG finishes 13th in the regionaland 95th in the national.

Maya CANALES BROUZES finishes 17th in the regionaland the 171st in the national.

Amane TANIGAWA finishes 19th in the regional and the 208th in the national.

Very good results which make it possible to consider serenely the passage in class of Seconde. Congratulations to all !

And now, could you solve some of the problems that the students had to deal with?

The figure below consists of an equilateral triangle of side 6 cm and two semicircles. What is the perimeter in cm of this figure?

Triangle équilatéral avec deux demi-cercles

a) 18          b) 16          c) 12 + 6π           d) 18 + 6π           e) 6 + 6π

 How much is the circle Ο worth?


Addition de chiffres representés par des ronds, des carrés et des triangles

a) 1      b) 2       c) 5       d) 7       e) 9

Find the missing values in this pyramid. Each box contains the sum of the two boxes below it. Returns the result as y1 + y2

Une pyramide de nombres

a) 159     b) 134      c) 119       d) 108       e) 78

What is the result of the expression

(m – o)n

avec :

m =  47 ,

n =  714,

o=  -96

a)  2014 b)  166 c)  68 d)  2907 e)  9121
L'équipe du concours Pangea 2023

See you next year to renew this great collective performance! We will continue to foster scientific curiosity and a taste for effort in our students by participating in competitions organized at the national level.