Admission in primary school

On this page you will find a description of the admission criteria and the steps to be taken to enroll in EIPACA’s primary school


Admission of students to ISPACA – September 2021

The primarily vocation of the International School of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (ISPACA), located in Manosque, France, is to provide schooling for the children of ITER program staff, from nursery school to high-school diploma. Its aim is to enable pupils to maintain a link with their national schooling and home cultures in an international context.

Teaching is 50% in French and 50% in the language of the foreign section concerned (except in the first nursery level where the teaching is in French). For this reason, fluency in the language of the section is required.

The children of staff employed by the ITER Organization have priority at ISPACA, but places are allocated each year to candidates who are not ITER-entitled. The number of places thus offered varies according to the school’s capacity per level and per language section, taking into account the existing number of pupils and the forecast number of ITER-eligible pupils to be enrolled.

There are three categories of applicants: ITER Entitlement Holders with at least one parent working for the ITER Organization or Domestic Agencies (Category A), ITER Entitlement Holders with at least one parent working for a subcontractor of the ITER Organization or Domestic Agencies (Category B), and non-ITER Entitlement Holders (Category C).

All candidates are subject to a language test before they can enter the institution, according to the modalities detailed each year in the Academic Circular, available on the ISPACA website around February, for the current-year admission campaign.

As ISPACA is a public institution, and in accordance with the Education Code, registration is done at the Manosque town hall in March and/or April (common dates for all schools in Manosque). Only children who have reached the age of 3 years on 31 December of the reference calendar year can apply to ISPACA.

Tests are organized in the spring. Information on the date and modalities of the assessment is specified during the ISPACA application process of the family.

After evaluation of the applications, and according to the test results, an admissions committee chaired by the IA-DASEN (or its representative) draws up a list of the pupils selected, which is sent to the Education Department of the city of Manosque for finalization of school enrolment, within the limit of the places available.

Pupils who are not selected are assigned to the school to which they belong according to the criteria of common law (location of residence and number of pupils in the school).


Re-enrolment in primary school

Pupils who are currently enrolled in primary, elementary or nursery school and who will continue their education at EIPACA the following school year are automatically included in our enrolments. However, they must re-enrol for the next school year.

This operation allows the school to have a precise view of the number of students for the coming year and to update the administrative information in case of changes.

For the start of the 2021 school year, re-enrolment information will be sent directly to families at the end of May/early June 2021.

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